Thursday, 31 July 2014


Yet another MEGA, well not really. This escapee was on the path near Hauxley.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wonderful Waders

A day off from blogging yesterday. Caught up with many jobs including donating my huge 'tie collecton' to the charity shop.

The past few days have had the phone ringing with news of some stunning birds in Northumberland, but the urge to avoid the 'Twitch and Bitch' crowds meant I chose to forego the opportunities.

This morning I decided to make an early start (not quite as early as NE Birder) and I was rewarded with exceptional views of this Stilt Sandpiper.

The birding in the last two days has had a distinctly autumnal feel to it. Wablers working their way to the coast and finch flocks building. (50 Goldfinch, 30 Linnets and a flock of 80 Sand Martins resting on the beach early morning).

Monday, 28 July 2014

Phew . a scorcher !

This Little Egret (posted yesterday) revealed the red ring had the letter F and theyellow ring had the letter T. The interet CR-Birding site did not produce any projects with wo leg rings. Further research on Google and I found a project. I have contacted the organiser and await more information.

Owls were out and about at odd times. This early morning Barn Owl (bearing a metal ring) was probaby one of the young birds 'ringed' by IR.

Later a Long-eared owl hunting in bright sunshine after 10am must have been disturbed from its roost.

Finally, Lesser Whitethroats at Druridge were probably birds from a short way inland making their way to the coastal fringes before migrating. I often find more birds at Chevington in the dune scrub this time of year.
A glorious day.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Update

Again a quick update until I get my computer back online.
Bullfinch .. berry nice.
Weevil in amongst my blackcurrants.
Little Egret with bling.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Saturday Saunter

Computer playing up so just a quick update from the phone.
Curled Sandpiper, Knot, Comma, Snipe on hide roof and more typically hiding in vegetation.

Friday, 25 July 2014

South then North

Penshaw Monument, County Durham.
A family visit including a walk around Herrington Country Park made a nice change. The weather was overcast which was a shame because I bet the pools are good for dragonflies.

Aftrnoon and I was back on the Northumbeland coast photographimg Butterflies and Moths.
Small Totoiseshell (above) Painted Lady (below)

Meadow Brown (above)

Shaded Broad Bar (I think)

(even less certain with this one) Agriphila tristella

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Pause for Thought?

No the puns don't get any better.

Started at Warkorth today and travelled down the coast. Waders were the most numerous birds. 200+ Dunlin at Amble and a further 150+ at Cresswell. 16 Avocet at Cresswell, Little Egrets all along the coast and 12 Knot in summer plumage.

The sighting of the day (c/o AC) was this Comma (Butterfly) Polygonia c-album. Not a species I see very often and typically I didn't have the camera. So a quick sprint (I think not) to the car and 15 minutes trying to relocate it, I was eventually successful. It's a bit worn, but an interesting sighting nonetheless.

The wader theme returned as I walked an area near my house and was mobbed by a Curlew which was protecting its three (short-billed) almost fully grown young, In addition Blackcaps, Lesser and Common Whitethroats, Yellowhammers and Bullfinch were spread along the hedgerow. My first glimpse of a Hawker Dragonfly was to keep its distance and remained unidentified.

Heading South tomorrow (just across the Tyne), hopefully some new habitats to explore.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Always Learning

Having taught about seed dispersal for many years one illustration in text books was a mystery to me .. Agrimony. About 15 years ago I found myself covered in the fruits of Agrimony and then the mystery was solved. However, today for the first time I actually found a single plant in flower the story complete and my knowledge increases a tiny bit more.   :-)

Young Reed Warbler (recently fledged) notice its short tail.

Grey Start to Day

Grey and drizzly, but there's always something to brighten the mood.

Magpie (moth) Abraxas grossulariata

below Oystercatcher

In addition two Jays and a Kingfisher added more colour but failed to let me capture them on camera.

and this cute rabbit.... aaaah. :-)

These Sanderling on the beach have proably just returned from the Arctic Circle.

Well just a quick posting; chores to do now and new tyres needed on the car.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dragon Hunting

Set out this morning in search of Dragonflies and Damsel Flies.

Started inland at Branton Conservtion Pond near Powburn.

This pair of Great Crested Grebes took turns incubating the eggs. Their courtship display is spectacular however, they continue the rituals even when swapping over roles ... so 'romantic'   aaaaah!

Little Ringed Plover a rare breeding bird in Northumberland.

Spider ... at last a chance to test my ID skills.

Well after a long time I think it might be .. Larinioides cornutus  catchy name. Please let me know if I'm wrong, just starting this spider ID lark.

Ragged Robin happier with this idenification.

Teasel ( again easy ID)

Oh No!
Two spiders in one day. This should be named Hide Spider because I always find them in the hide windows of birdwatching hides.

Again a tentative ID for this .. Zygiella x-notata (male)?

A morning wandering around Northumberland always a pleasure and so much to learn.