Saturday, 29 June 2019

Much to Appreciate

That Woodpigeon looks a bit slimmer.

Waders on the move. Failed breeders?
100+ Curlew, 30+ Redshank and this elegant Wood Sandpiper.

A Bright Sight on a Grey Day


More Bee Orchids

Reeling Gropper at Stobswood. In addition the despearate attempts by an adult Avocet were both encouraging and Terrifying (Did they make it?) The adult Avocet was leading its young through the field and trying to get them to cross the road. It was very busy and I couldn't bear to watch the outcome. A calling Quail, hunting Barn Owl, Skylarks, Reed Buntings and Meadow Pipits made it a joyous, peaceful walk.

Think this is Large Yellow Underwing (in the garden)

Udea olivalis
(I think?)
Also in the garden.

Today I saw 5 reeling Grasshopper Warblers. Most  were out in the open and very showy. Is this the marking of their territories again at the start of a second brood?

Eoseristalis intricarius

Hoverfly, Bumble bee mimic.

Is this Chicory?

A  whole field of it on the patch. Perhaps it is a fodder crop?

Ringlets and Silver-Y moths common to day with a scattering of Common Blues.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Thursday, 20 June 2019


Overview resightings David Elliott Colourcode: PNfP/aYNDate Site Observer(s) Ringnr 8063556 Ringing Date: 6-7-2017 Name Ringer: Petra de Goeij Ageclass: pullus Species: Eurasian Spoonbill Ringing site: Schiermonnikoog, Oosterkwelder Sex: male Transmitted? No The Netherlands Distance to ringing site Behaviour 26-9-2017 Le Lande, Marais d'Orx 43,35N -0,12E France 1221 km Romain Datcharry 19-10-2017 Sevilla, Isla Mayor 37,10N -6,13E Spain 2059 km Sergio Moya Angel Sallent 8-8-2018 Lauwersmeer, Jaap Deensgat 53,38N 6,23E The Netherlands 11 km resting, sleeping Peter Matthijssen 2-2-2019 Vila Franca do Xira, EVOA Cabo 38,91N -8,99E Portugal 1994 km resting, sleeping Arne van Eerden 3-6-2019 Northumberland, N.R. Druridge 55,28N -1,57E United Kingdom 545 km foraging David Elliott woensdag 12 juni 2019

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06/07/2017 Netherlands (ringed as pullus)
26/09/2017 France
19/10/2017 Spain
08/08/2018 Netherlands
02/02/2019 Portugal
03/06/2019 Druridge Pools, Northumberland, UK

Many thanks to Bob \Loos for the information.
(The details at the top of the page got a bit jumbled on copying.)

Monday, 17 June 2019

So glad I'm not on Twitter. I would have been venting my anger towards the Northumberland Wildlife Trust and the language would have been colourful. Using my blog I count to ten and calmly sum them up as INEPT!

Bee Orchids on show today


Lapwing  chick

Long-tailed Tits

Lesser Butterfly Orchids
50 spikes viewed from gate

Pied-winged Robber Fly
Found a lot of these last year.

Consolation for the loss of 7 Avocet nests at Cresswell, I did find one inland (thank goodness it is not on a NWT reserve).

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Cetti's Warbler

This singing bird has probably had a close encounter with a predator. It is currently re-growing its tail feathers. It is also sporting a metal ring lets hope it isn't re-trapped this year.

This bird showed well although quite distant. A telescope will give very good views. It has a regular route and when it reaches this hawthorn it sits on top and sings. Sometimes for several minutes.