Saturday, 16 July 2022



Tile sheds Nature Reserve, Boldon. Once the site of a school day twitch to see a Kildeer.

Pale Eider in the mouth of the Tyne

Never seem to be at Saltholme when the birds are close.

Frustrated with the many images of Humming-bird Hawkmoth, I was determined to locate one myself. Bingo, Harton Cemetery, however it was a short-lived encounter. Sorry that was the best I could do snap wise. I set video to slo-mo and a programme mode to high shutter speed for my next visits but failed to find another one.

I guess this weather may give me another chance in the days to come.

Yes Saltholme again. 
Caspian Tern.

Full zoom and cropped image. According to Bird News websites, this is showing well?

Sedge Warbler

At last something close enough to snap.

Black-tailed Skimmer

(Please let me know if I'm wrong)

Back to my old patch on Friday. Good two hours spent with AP. Good tern roost, numerous returning waders and close in views of Dolphins. This is probably a bird ringed in the Netherlands.

A visit to Chevington was really good and managed to catch up with BS and AMc. Again waders returning here too and wouldn't be surprised to hear about a Spotted Crake sighting in next few weeks (South East edge of North Pool looks great for one.)

Finally, this was in the Asda car park this morning. I'm  guessing Marbled Beauty?