Saturday, 30 November 2013

Where is it?

     Today was quiet (apart from the shotgun blasts)! South Pool E Chev, 2 mallard 1 tufty? The North Pool picked up in the afternoon and Gadwall and Goldeneye numbers were good. News of an Ivory Gull heading North had me checking the sea and even  trip to Amble Harbour. No news since but a trip to the N Shields Fish Quay tomorrow might be on the cards.

     One bonus of the seawatching was a close in Velvet Scoter; 'bird of the day'!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Time Running Out

Woodcock on the cliff top (Lynemouth) Friday night started the weekend nicely.

Saturday started with Merlin, 3 Kestrels, 2 Buzzards and a Sparrowhawk. 2 LT Ducks on Ladyburn and a scattering of typical winter wildfowl. IR's text had me checking the dunes at Bell's farm for the Hooded Crow but just as the afternoon lethargy was creeping in a jolt from the electric fence had me alert once again and the mixed finch flock (inc 40 Twite) was carefully scrutinised.

Sunday promised little new and the highlight was a Little Egret in the ditch north of Bell's Farm. The sea was checked several times but most movement was too distant. BB was on the trail of the Hooded Crow but failed to connect. Checking the news late afternoon, I noted a Pomarine Skua reported at East Chev, a bird I hoped to connect with, followng the strong winds on Friday.

Oh well ... the chance of reaching 200 (5 to go) looks less likely now .. Hey Ho :-(

Happy Birding to those visiting Kenya next week .. I'll try my best to find somehing good while you're away :-) !

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend Watching

Saturday highlights 12 Snowbs north at Chev, Scaup (Ponteland Hide) Hauxley, Little Gull burn mouth Chev and Shelduck Chev (unusual this time of year).

Sunday highlights: 3 Twite, 35 Snowbs just left message on RBA when a microlight (Don't you love em?) flushed them sending them North and out of sight. Met TD just before but his mobile didn't respond when I called him. A probable flyover Lapland Bunting will go unrecorded despite three attempts to nail the ID from call and profile. Within half an hour it flew S, then N, then S again ... on your patch IR? Texted IR about Glaucous Gull but no response. Glaucous Gull almost the same as last week quick wash and out, heading NE from Chev. Probably a daily routine c09:00. Apparently 2 Bearded Tits were seen today at Chev N Pool.

Avoided the temptation to twitch Lesser Grey, instead enjoyed the flock of Goldcrest, Tits and Treecreepers in the Country Park.

Lots of RB Mergs in the bay and even more Divers (although distant).

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Glaucous .. and now it is six

WeBS day and apart from a Glaucous Gull (Rubbish Photos below) there was nothing unusual to report, Then a visit to DBCP to hear and eventually see the lingering Yellow-browed Warbler. A seed feeder has been placed near the visitor centre and it attracted numerous birds. Feeding nearby; treecreepers, goldcrests and the YBW. The YBW was calling so loudly it attracted a Pied Wagtail to follow the call. Despite being easy to follow on call, it was a little tricky to see.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

At Last ... (seven to go)

Early start at Druridge and the first birds heard were Snow Buntings. On to Chev and I met M&S they mentioned  Snowbs on the beach including 1 Male. When I got there no sign. So a scattering of seed put on the beach and a check around the Southern Reedbed; no Bearded Tits (22 Whoopers inc 8Juv.).

Another check on the beach ... nothing. Close in shore all three divers, the best an immaculate Black-throated in summer plumage. A walk up to Hadston along the beach, returning via DBCP. Nothing new to record so back to the North Pool (a Bittern flew along the shore and landed  the reedbed near the hide and back on the beach finally 3 Snow Buntings), here I was told the male Bearded Tit was seen this morning but it didn't show during my brief visit.

Fortunately I added Bearded Tit to the patch list in January but it was only today that Snow Bunting made it on to the list. My afternoon visit was aborted when I saw all the cars at Chev, so I headed for Stobswood and Widdrington Moor. Widdrington Moor had an impresssive 160 Teal alas none had the vertical white stripe.