Monday, 29 November 2021


Luckily, I seemed to have escaped any house damage due to 'Storm Arwen'. Some of the wildlife did not  escape the harsh conditions though. Several dead seal pups were washed up on the coast and provided a feast for the crows (or are they melanistic Ivory Gulls).

The heavy rainfall flooded the dunes as usual and this water/ice is always a draw for Water Pipit, so I was not surprised to find one almost immediately.

Red-throated Diver giving splendid close views. Only a few metres away it let out the loudest wailing call. Quite unexpected but also magical.

Sadly the roof has been blown off the new hide at Druridge and now lies on the budge field. The path to the l-shaped hide, East Chevington, is now very wet as is expected at this time of year. If the blue bags of sharp sand lying in the sheep field could be transported to this path it would be fairly easy to remedy the problem.


Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Twitching again...

While visiting Mum in South Shields, I checked for news of the Pied Wheatear. There was none, so I thought there mustn't be many looking for it (it was in its second week at Whitburn) so I decided to head down the coast to check.

When I arrived it quickly put in an appearance at the base of the cliffs in rather pleasant sunshine. I duly rattled of a few snaps and the headed to see another rarity. Yes after walking for what seemed an age I reached the spot. 50 metres from the wheatear and there it was.

Wood Duck

Yes a rarity.
Well I know most will reject it but hey it is a first for Britain for me!

Marsh Harrier searching for oranges (I prefer plum sauce).

Grey Heron

I do like a bit of industrial architecture!


Still to see a Little Auk but should connect with one soon. (Well I though that about Curlew Sandpiper but didn't see one this year.)


Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Big Dipper


Not Again

Well yes!

Another of, my through the window pics of, this gorgeous Sparrowhawk.

And yes!

My computer has gone bonkers and posted the photos in reverse order again (not that it matters much).


Get your books out. Three different divers to test you on this page.

The 'Big Dipper' is me. Just when I thought my luck was in. A rather large female, fairly inactive and with size and looks to match mine, 'landed' at Seahouses. Being a shy guy I didn't want an audience when I tried my chat up lines, so I waited until Monday to pay her a visit. Sadly 'Freya' had departed.

On the positive side I struck gold. This is the first Black Guillemot I've seen in Northumberland.

Strange when I had just had views of the Bonaparte's Gull not my first in Northumberland.

Supporting cast of Summer Plumage Great Northern Diver and Juv Little Gull made it worth the trip.

Long-tailed Duck

Monday, 8 November 2021

Peaceful Places

Short-eared Owl

A (lateish) Common Whitethroat

Marsh Harriers


(Through the 'rectangular window')


In the Shade

Snow Bunting

If you are wondering why there aren't many zoomed pictures, well the camera is 'broken'. Aaaagh! I hate spending money. In the photo above you can make out a dark smudge. When I zoom in the smudge stops the camera focusing. What with the other big bills this months (Why is it always that when one thing breaks others follow in quick succession?) I'm not a happy person.

Well a trip to the cemetery tends to calm me down. This time of year is great. Thrushes and Finches the main stars (20 Mistle Thrushes in my local cemetery.).


A feast for the Thrushes and something to squabble over.



Good numbers of Greenfinches but not enough to rival the 100+ feeding on rosehips at Snab point last week.

Time to calm down and search the internet for a bargain priced camera.