Thursday, 23 February 2023

Photo Challenge ... update

Barn Owl

Great to see a pair of Owls hunting successfully. Even though the Kestrel robbed one of their catches they were still finding plenty of voles.

The photo challenge turns up some odd choices. I went out to photograph the returning Razorbills, got my photos and then came across this Glaucous Gull. Well, I had to post the Glaucous Gull because I can always go back another day and snap the Razorbills.

I am saving some of the common birds for next winter.

Today I went back for the Razorbills but they were in the shade and many had left the cliffs and were feeding offshore. I then spotted a Meadow Pipit and got a lovely picture. Photo sorted for today, No! Later I saw this Grey Wagtail and decided to post this today because I can  photograph a Meadow Pipit almost any day of year.


Soon to be my photo of the day.

Roe Deer



Winter Aconite (?)


I think I'll have a week of plants next week to save more of the common birds for a later day (unless of course I see a rare/scarce bird).

Gull Update

The Herring Gull (see last blog post) was ringed at a landfill site in Yorkshire and the Mediterranean Gull was ringed in Poland.

Meadow Pipit


Saturday, 11 February 2023

February ... so far.

Herring Gull

Colour Ringed probably not travelled far.


Washington WWT

Quite a lot of work done here so spring wader migration could turn up something good.

Mediterranean Gull

Ring code not easy to read. However  red rings starting with 'P' usually indicates a Polish bird.

Mistle Thrush

Plenty of singing birds in the parks right now.


A grim day out as I attempted to explore some of Durham's other birding spots. I arrived at Low Barns to be told the gate wouldn't open until after lunch. So I parked in the layby and asked if I could walk around. Yes I was told. Until I met another warden who said no. I went back to my car and the second warden then said I could walk around  if I was careful as they were planning some tree-cutting. I went around the reserve quickly so I didn't inconvenience the workers. It did mean I failed to locate the Ring-necked Duck.

I did manage to see my target bird however which was Marsh Tit. It had been many years since I last saw one. Also I was treated to fantastic views of an Otter.

My morning problems continued when I then decided to go to Hamsterly Forest. I found the road was closed and had to make quite long a diversion to get there. Unfortunately I wasn't really in the mood to  do much birding when I got there.

Water Rail


Willow Tit


The weather has been kind this week and it is great to see all the early flowers emerging. No doubt we'll get some colder weather later this month or in March.