Thursday, 30 June 2016


Lots of Ringlet butterflies have appeared over the last week.

Well it is that time of year. Birders become more interested in Bugs and start trying Arty Farty photos  ... sorry.

I've posted this flower before. One of my favourites ... Grass Vetchling (Lathyrus nissolia)

Common Spotted Orchids

Common Blue

Nemophora degeerella

Longhorn Moth
I used to think these were quite rare but I found some at Fontburn Reservoir this year. These photos were taken at Druridge.

Sedge Warbler

Lots of warblers singing again. Advertising the start of their second brood perhaps. Good time to see Grasshopper Warblers if you missed them when they first arrived.

Common Blue

I warned you!

Went out yesterday in search of Dragons ... failed to find the ponds!

Today I tried Ashington Community Wood. I found Large Red Damselflies (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) female typica?

... also Four-spotted Chaser
(Libellula quadriaculata)

Think this is
Volucella pellucens

Speckled Wood

Pond Skater
Gerris lacustris

Hopefully someone will contact me on twitter if I'm wrong.

Oh ... by he way, the birding hasn't stopped. Sitting in the hide at Druridge this morning (6am) I heard the distinctive call 'wet my lips' of QUAIL. A good start to the day.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Away from the Patch

Having been given membership of the National Trust I decided to visit two of Northumberland's biggest attractions.

Wallington Hall

This place impressed because of the large population of Song Thrushes. In addition Redstarts were easy to see. The best lace was the Boating Lake where they were often seen fly-catching over the lillies.

Shame the Redstart was out of focus.

The walk along the river at Rothbury was very pleasant. 

Who said people in Rothbury don't have a sense of humour?

This was a photographic opportunity missed. Sitting by the river we noticed this mouse. I managed a few snaps before it headed towards a seat occupied by two hikers. I was sure it was going to cause alarm but all of a sudden a Black-headed Gull swooped and plucked the mouse from the ground before it could cause a fuss. My passenger was distraught.


This NT property also had a fine variety of birdlife. I was very impressed, however all week we saw only two butterflies? Plenty of other insects including lots of Bees.

This parent was very protective.

A well camouflaged Oyc chick.

All the usual suspects along the river.

Do't be alllamma'd

Sunday, 19 June 2016

New Starts

Thank you to NWT for clearing the areas in front of the Druridge Hides.

Lots of activity from Mr and Mrs.I wonder how may mouths they have to feed?

Suffered a little this week. Lots of Pine and Grass pollen, fortunately some of it was washed out of the air by the showers.

This must have been a very early nestling. The Druridge birds are still on eggs.

Magpie Moth caterpillar

Pleased with this grab shot!

Lots of activity in the reeds, again down to the demanding youngsters. The best sight of the day was a Great Crested Grebe chick swallowing a 20cm+ Eel (it took a few attempts).

Bleached or Worn butterflies can be problematic. I think this may be a Bleached G-v White.

Robin and Whitetroat youngsters quite common today.

Greater? Stitchwort

Wood Speedwell?

In addition a nesting Ringed Plover, Little Tern, Roseate Tern Little Owl and Barn Owl made the last few days very enjoyable.