Thursday, 18 May 2023


I don't venture inland much. Partly because of the travelling and partly because I expect to see more along the coast. I've decided after a trip to Weardale that I should visit more often. 

Garden Warbler

Pied Flycatcher


Just a small selection. Red Grouse, Cuckoo, Wheatear, Grey Wagtail, Green Woodpecker and Ring Ouzel all seen on my trip.



Bird's Foot Trefoil


Well there is no shortage of new things to photograph. I also spend a couple of hours each day trying  (and failing) to identify stuff  I've photographed.


Common Green Shieldbug


This came in off the sea. However because of the NE wind I wonder if it was heading East and changed its direction to wait a little longer?

Green Tiger Beetle

Harlequin Ladybird

Holly Blue

Sedge Warbler

Wall Brown

On a wall!

Suffering from the lack of a local coastal wetland in South Shields so waders have been in short supply. I have managed to see Green, Wood and Common Sandpiper at Boldon, so not too shabby.


Friday, 12 May 2023


Adela reaumurella

One of the Longhorn Moths. I'm more familiar with Nemophora from sites in Northumberland. I do recall another species in the wooded banks of the Wansbeck (many years ago) It may have been this species.

Dragonfly exuvia

A Four-spot Chaser was seen on this stem before I arrived. I just managed a sighting of it flying away, to find a place to dry out.

Forficula auricula (female)

Large Red Damselfly

Andrena flava

Orange-tip Butterfly

Red Admiral


Thursday, 11 May 2023

Whoop Whoop


A lovely find by SC on 040523 . I went down early the next morning.

A rainy evening and a damp morning meant it wasn't looking its best. However apart from being attacked by the local crows it seemed settled pulling larvae from the sand dunes. In fact it stayed for over a week.


Thursday, 4 May 2023


Andrena Sp?

Mining Bee, As the name suggests they dig tunnels to make their nests. 

Well May is underway and yesterday it was warm and sunny. This meant there was lots to see. Garden Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Sedge Warbler and Grasshopper Warbler all present at Whitburn Coastal Park.

Common Bistort

After Whitburn, a trip to Washington and the insects and plants took centre stage.

Dark-edged bee-fly

Now this is the type of insect I like. Easy to identify! 

Eristalsis pertinax

As with all these insects my ID may not be correct, but I'll keep trying.

Heliophilus pendulus



A bit more comfortable with bird ID, but still prone to mistakes.

Long-tailed Tit

Nomada flava

A Cuckoo Bee. These lay their eggs in the hosts of others. This one is a parasite of Andrena sp. So it was helpful to see both in the same area. An expert Steven Falk, agreed it is probably the correct ID but with the warning that without a specimen (presumably for microscopic investigation or dissection) it is not possible to be certain.


(Marsh Stitchwort?)

Sparrowhawk killed a Great Spotted Woodpecker. Then a Carrion Crow Stole it and carried it off. North Marine Park, South Shields.