Friday, 31 March 2017

Duck, Duck DUCK!

 Having resisted the temptation to visit Gosforth and missed my opportunity at Killingworth I was determined to catch up with this super bird when it called in at Silverlink.

Ferruginous Duck

The pictures say it all ...

As Swallow Pond is nearby it would've been rude not to visit. Great to catch up with patch locals and now I'm reacquainted with the site I might not wait another nine years before revisiting.

(Hesperis matronais)
A naturalised plant (according to Collins Field Guide flowers from May to July).

Water Pipit
Budge Screen Druridge

Horsetails .. haven't checked ID yet (tonight's homework).

Lots of Lesser Celandine now!

A chance visit to DBCP (Druridge Bay Country Park) and I found this pair of Mandarins.


and Mrs not a bad looking bird either ..

Look no Rings!

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Long Post (apologies)

Plants have certainly got my brain working. Nothing is as straight forward as I thought. Plants I have commonly assigned a name from a cursory glance at some online images are becoming puzzles I want to solve like a good 'Murder Mystery'.

Please contact me via Twitter if you notice mistakes (there will be many) or ones I have failed completely with, like three below.
@ElliottatChev on Twitter

Nice to get a picture of one of the Twite away from he beach.

The name Grey Heron doesn't do it justice.

14 Scaup together

Green Plover

Early bird catches the fish.
Great White Egret

(Smyrnium olusatrum)

Alexanders is believed to have been brought t Britain by the Romans. Used as a Pot Herb and gives Celery flavour ...(could have made this up of course).

Plenty of interesting stuff at Tynemouth

North Pier on Tyne ... bit foggy!

Quiz number 1

Thanks to CB, this is most likely ...
Siberian Squill
(Scilla siberica)

Apologies to anyone trying to contact me by phone, I've changed number, for a quieter life. Can be contacted via Twitter however.

Quiz number 2

Quiz number 3

I like pants big and bold I can usually ID them.
(Petasites hybrius)

These Collared Doves eve follow me to the garage if I don't put food down for them. They even recognise my car and greet me when I return home.

I think this is the Skylark JA photographed last year. Its damaged beak not a hindrance.

Hoopoe Lark Wannabe

Nice to see Mr Harrier back (although the Crows weren't so welcoming).

Red Dead-nettle
(Lamium purpureum)

Common Mouse-ear
(Cerasium fontanum)

I think?

5 Styles

White hairs on leaves

Sweet Violet
(Viola odorata)

I Think?

Narrow Stipule

Dark Spur

Unfortunately I have little sense of smell so I could use that to help me.