Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Catching Up 1

Lesser Bindweed
(Convolvulus arvensis)

White Dead-nettle
(Lamium album)

Yumm ..


Over Alnmouth

This might be a garden plant?
or maybe
Purple Toadflax
(one to investigate)

(Valerana officinalis)

Great White Egret


Whilst entertaining and doing touristy things all over the Bank Holiday I kept an eye on the birding world via internet news. To my relief I didn't miss much.

Willow Warbler and a tasty Spider  ... yum!

When I was working this was the worst time. Hints of migration (like today and the numerous Pipits, Wheatears and House Martins on the move) but the rare stuff confined to the North and South of the country. Then soon as I was back to work the deluge of rare and semi-rare would start. Now ... no work and I'm ready ... bring it on!

Bur-reed sp?

Catching Up 2

Almost a 'Birding' free Bank Holiday.

Tall Ships in Blyth

Not the success that has been portrayed on the local news but there was enough (just) to keep me awake.

Crowds, crowds and crowds. So a jolly time was had.

Used an extra long selfie stick for this shot.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Catching Up 3


I hard this bird whilst standing on Cresswell Pond causeway. I went back to the car park and out popped a fabulous Wood Warbler. Sadly the photos are a bit washed out and don't show the wonderful bright yellow throat.

Tere is a lot of variation in Stonechat colours but this is one of the darkest I've seen. Even black on the flanks and small white rump.

Flowering Rush?
(Botumus umbellatus)


Sadly I haven't had time to look up all the plants. Will try and catch up later.

Purple Loosestrife
(Lythrum salicaria)


Painted Lady on Knapweed

Monkey Flower
(Mimulus guttatus)

Peacock Butterfly

Forget-me-not Sp?