Friday, 31 May 2013

May List . additions

Purple heron
Great White Egret
Reed Warbler
Little Egret
Little Gull
Temminck’s Stint
Wood sandpiper
Lesser Whitethroat
Great Reed Warbler
Common sandpiper
Red-backed Shrike


Good deed done (getting a sheep back on its legs and two very grateful lambs were quick to feed).

Large Red Damselfly?
Pyrrhosoma nymphula f. fulvipes (male) (Please let me know if this is wrong.)

Damselfly, Cambois. Walked the railway line looking for shrike or hoopoe. No luck. Just read birdguides news ... hoopoe Marsden and RBS Cambois railway track. You can't win em all!

Too many peple in the Bay!!

Thursday, 30 May 2013


Having missed the bird at Chevington this week, it was nice to find this smart bird at Hadston. Despite the awful weather I managed a few shots from the car.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Head Cold?

Tuesday afternoon, hit by 'man flu', headaches, tiredness etc. Wednesday morning not feeling great and the news that I missed RBS on patch. Lost phone on first tour of Chev, so a second tour with spare phone from car ringing the number. No luck! Time for coffee. Phone on sofa !@#*:*&  :-)

The photo above shows how much pollen must have been in the air and the reason for my 'man flu'.

Lee Evans on the patch was a surprise, sadly neither of us could find the RBS.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Spoony with Bling!

Right leg: Yellow, Yellow flag, Red
Left Leg: Yellow, ? , Green

ringer: Otto Overdijk     

ringing date: 25-06-2009              

Previously observed by Mike Hodgson Hauxley 2012

Further details when permission obtained.


Newbiggin Lagoons

The high tides have filled the scrapes just south of Lynemouth Power Staion. There will be little life in these pools as they are on top of sulfur and iron compounds. It is probably one of those sites which may take centuries to be reclaimed. Maybe some reeds would help?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hunt for the Spoonbill

Six cygnets on the South Pool, five on the North. This family have also adopted a gosling!

Not the Spoonbill I'd hoped for. Common sandpiper also from ponteland hide; new for the year.

Two pairs of Marsh harriers today and six Avocets.