Sunday, 30 August 2015

Good Birding :-)

Hauxley has been my morning focus and has proved very rewarding. The water levels in the reserve are at their best but apart from the cliques no access is possible except for the Ponteland Hide. 

Some moulting birds look amazing (above)
some not s good (below).

DD sent me a text about a Wryneck at Newbiggin. I found a Spotted Flycatcher.

Monday 24th August
Good numbers of migrants reported but few on my patch. TF and JF were having a great day on Holy Island.  

This duck initially had me thinking RC Pochard. The bill especially was not right. Then the flanks were Gadwall-like. I finally googled  the Saltholme bird from a few years back and the picture was a good match. Probably Gadwall X Tufted Duck ... hybrid.

One way to get supper, I went to the Chippy!

A sudden afternoon fall of Pied Flycathers, Wheatears and Whinchats made me end ST a text. He went out and found a Wryneck at Cambois **** .

Tuesday afternoon when all the migrant news subsided I headed around the overgrown south end of East Chevington. My target bird was RBS, I thought the small pines would be a likely holding area. Well the birding fortunes were with me because no RBS but a Wryneck flew from the ground into some Meadowsweet and out of sight.

Bank Holiday Weekend (My Favourite ... NOT) An early visit to the Ponteland hide, very enjoyable. However the Great North Bike Ride meant I headed back home to avoid the event. As the bikers pass my house I patiently waited for the crowds to reduce then headed out. I planned to walk the south pool route but retreated when I saw a couple (with dog) fighting their way through the jungle. Heading back North I noticed the Whitehroats were nervous and with reason ... this beauty was on top of the hawthorn.

Pentatoma rufipes
Red-legged Shieldbug landed beside me and distracted me temporarily.

Sadly this bird didn't stick around and was gone by 5:30 (Found at about 1:30.).

Monday, 17 August 2015

Colour-ringed Gulls ... and Terns

07:00 Hauxley I observed these birds (family ad + 2 juv) and by 07:51 I had a reply from Dr Chris Redfern to say the adult was captured on the nest and ringed 28th May 2015 on Coquet Island as part of a study into their effect on Roseate Terns. The chicks were ringed a little later.

Subsequently I sent him my Sandwich Tern photos from 17th July and he has some possible details but will get back to me later.

**** update ****

Three chicks were colour-ringed on 28th June 2015 but it appears that the smallest didn't survive.
Many thanks to Dr Chris Redfern for the update.

Swallow tightrope walking. Doesn't it know it can fly?
Large numbers gathered before departing for their winter in Africa.

Still a Sand Martin (Chev 15th) and 5 Swifts (16th Druridge).

Searching the Hadston area this weekend for scarcities proved fruitless, but there were plenty of local birds to enjoy.

Then this Redpoll was one of 5 at Newbiggin ( a family group) 16th Aug. Unusual?

So much for not posting until September.

Following the information about the LBBs,  Dr Chris Redfern also passed on my Sandwich tern records to Ewan Weston and he sent the history above. The adult wETA was feeding the juv yUTC which I believe is one of this years Coquet birds.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Only Pics

I like this ... not sure why?


Thanks to the tip-off from ATh, I eventually caught up with these charming,downy owlets.