Saturday, 29 February 2020

Patch Perfect

It has been a week for blurred photos. First my excitement got the better of me as this Stoat ran straight towards me.

This bonny flower is probably a garden escapee. Some form of 'stock'.

A monster fungus. Again ID not easy but probably Lycoperdon sp? (Maybe Pestle Puffball)

These two ringed birds got the pulse racing so much so I couldn't get any sharp images. I could blame it on the windy weather but no, it was the delight of getting such magnificent views.

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Plenty of Interest

 Great Spotted Woodpecker near the feeders looking rather damp, unsurprisingly.

Reed Bunting
 Not quite in peak condition and also a bit damp.

Herring Gull (JCA18)

Ringed Flatskjaer, Norway 24/06/2015 (Nestling)
Photographed by me at Amble: 14/02/2017, 08/04/2019 and 24/02/2020. 
Also regularly spotted in Norway during the Summer.

Wind drops, 'Sun' appears and Temperature rises.


Great Crested Grebes


Posted a picture of what I  thought was Blackthorn. I was happy to be corrected by BSBI and MPF. To me the sepals were not not reflexed but I hadn't considered the green twigs. This however was a much easier call for a very amateur botanist like me.

Sepals clearly Reflexed
Green Twigs
Leaves at same time as flowers.


Sorry I cant resist some birds and I post them quite often. However these Siskins were so acrobatic I had to post their 'shapes'.

Oh and the Redpolls have been learning some 'moves' also.





AP told me the other day their locally known as 'bairns without dads' because they flower without leaves.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Blown Away between the Showers

Gadwall (drake)

Another blustery week but the odd moments of sunshine did allow a few snaps to be taken.

(Male flowers above, Female below)

The windswept beach did produce this nice composition.


(4 failed attempts to locate the G-wT)

The feeders at Chevington are attracting Water Rail. I was really pleased with my photos until I saw Tom Tams' picture on twitter.

Beautiful birds (a bit stupid, but beautiful).

Despite the squally showers it was a great day to be out. Marsh Harrier (male), 2 Sparrowhawks, Weasel, Cetti's Warbler (singing), Roe Deer, and the Druridge (Playschool) Little Owl

Good to catch up with two visitors from Northern Ireland (Dave and Derek) Hope they had a good day.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Struggling in the Wind

Two Treecreepers very active around the feeding station at Chev. Must try harder to get a decent snap.

3+ White-fronted Geese, 4 Ruff,14 Herons and dozens of Shoveler on the Budge Fields.

Buzzards, Harrier and Kestrel the highlights today.

 Hope we get a day or two of light winds soon.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Clean Snowball

Headed for Chevington early morning but realised I didn't have my camera. Came across these two Snow Buntings but no camera so no photos.

Then I headed home, picked up the camera and visited Druridge Pools.
  The light improved so I decided I'd chance another visit to Chev via the Coal Road. Good decision as I also saw the Twite flock, 43 Whoopers, Two Marsh Harriers and a Kingfisher.


The Snow Buntings were very settled and approachable. Until the smell of the dead seal attracted a dog.

Here is the 'dirty' snowball.