Friday, 3 June 2022

Getting to Know the Patch

A walk from my flat to Marsden Quarry, east to the South Shields Golf Course, on to Cleadon Tower, and the Mill (on the Hill), then to Whitburn (remembering the site of a LEO winter roost from my youth), along the rifle range footpath to the cliff tops and the back home via Souter Lighthouse and the Leas.

A beautiful early morning walk with singing Yellowhammers, Skylarks and numerous Common Whitethroats. The walk was only spoilt by two irresponsible dog owners and their aggressive out of control dogs. (I'll be carrying a walking stick with me next time I follow this route.)

Dingy Skipper

This was on the old railway track (Marsden Rattler). Do I remember a Hoopoe from here in my schooldays?

Getting to know the Marine Parks on other morning walks. The Pied Wagtail pair on the bowling greens have fledged three young.

Cow Parsley

Umbellifers are a bit of a challenge for me. Hope these are correct.


Red Clover


Yellow Rattle


(Finished flowering.)

Bush Vetchling
(A guess, sorry.)

I have to comment that I think South Tyneside are doing a great job along the coast. The Leas are a great recreational area for everyone, yet they still manage to leave large areas uncut for the wildflowers above. These areas are also terrific for nesting Skylarks and Meadow Pipits. Sadly the majority of dog owners are ignorant of this fact and still allow their dogs to run wild in the long grass areas. 

Similarly, the cleaning staff, emptying bins, picking up litter and sieving the beach sand every morning must curse every morning. Herring Gulls empty the bins to get at scraps. Most of these bins are in car parks and the litter could be taken home easily by most visitors. The local youths enjoy Trow Quarry as much as me but for different reasons. It is so depressing to visit early morning and see it strewn with plastic bottles, cans and food containers. 


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