Wednesday, 1 April 2020




Displaying on the ground.

Well spring is starting to get underway. More flowers in bloom, first Sedge Warbler and Sand Martins a more regular sight. It is however only April 2nd and in Northumberland we always lag behind more southerly counties by two to three weeks.

Cars arriving in numbers at the weekend resulted in the Druridge Pools track being closed. Similarly I saw a posting showing that the country park is also closed.

Strangely quiet now. Not dissimilar to my early visits here 25 years ago. The overhead electricity cable are now gone along with the jangling calls of Corn Buntings. Increased dog ownership, regular reports of scarce birds and increasing populations of breeding summer visitors (birds that is) has made the area very popular.



See video at end of post to hear it singing.

A fairly immobile newt (it was very cold that morning).

Today the bales were no barrier to the dog walkers.

Sweet Violet
(White variety. Remember photographing similar plants at Branton a few years back.)

White Dead-nettle

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