Wednesday, 24 August 2016

White-rumped Sandpiper

My morning plans were scuppered by road and path closures. So I headed for Warkworth and made the effort to view the White-rumped Sandpiper from the North shore. This excellent bird was found by Jonathan Farooqi and has shown well, though a little distant, from the harbour/ marina area in Amble over the past few days.

My timing for once was perfect. no dogs to scare it, the tide only just starting to fall and the only birds with it were Dunlin. Dunlin are not flighty birds, so despite being right in the open with no cover it was easy to approach them (very slowly).

I must have taken a few hundred photos and this selection  hope show plenty of the identification features.

Great bird and a Great find by Jonathan (check out his blog Jonny's Birding Blog)

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