Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Patch Abandoned for the Week








Song Thrush

Tour of Britain


Monday, 2 September 2019


Birds on the move in the last few days included this young Marsh Harrier. The ugly red wing tags probably indicate a bird of Scottish origin.


The young male is going through a period of moult.  It is interesting to compare the new and old feathers. This male kept us guessing for a few weeks when it first arrived. I do remember Adrian Pitches commenting on its size and he thought it was a male and he was spot on. A first year bird completely lacking any grey feathers. It went on to successfully fledge one  young from each of two nests. One of the young birds is almost certainly a female as it is a large bird.


Willow Tit and Treecreeper are becoming more conspicuous as they flock/associate with the more common birds in the Country Park.

Four days of Meadow Pipit migration (hundreds passed through the patch). Thirty Stonechats was an unusually high count and another two Spotted Flycatchers were found in the Country Park.


Saturday, 31 August 2019


This morning I received an excited call from Alan Thompson explaining that he had (with his brother John) just seen a Black-winged Stilt flying South from Hadston. My car was parked there and I was at the South end of Chevington. I hurried back to the car scanning all the time and checking the  Country Park and the concrete channel that leads to Hadston. A Little Egret and two Grey Heron were the only birds. I also managed to get caught in a bramble patch and fall over, Ouch!

I met Alan at Chev and there was no sign of it so I headed to Druridge. It was there with Spotty Red Ruff and Dunlin. It wasn't long before Gary in best Vuelta style joined me from Chev. What a great bird. Thanks to Alan for the tip off!

Oops almost blown over.

Earlier in the morning there had been a strong passage of Meadow Pipits (c500 in two hours). Three Grey Wagtails and one Yellow Wagtail were with them.

... for starters



Robin's Pincushion

Grey Heron

Spotted Flycatcher

Long-tailed Tit

Grey Wagtail

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Peaceful Mornings

Haven't seen an Otter on the patch for a while now, but they're still here.

Newbiggin Golf Course


East Chevington

Also had three great views of a Redstart tail.

Autumn Gentian

Despite the overgrazing by cattle this plant has survived and I found some elsewhere on the patch. This year I haven't seen Marsh Helleborine at either of the two normal sites.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


Typical Views

This may be 'Floppy' often seen from Newbiggin

I'm assuming Bottlenose Dolphins.
Feel free to correct me!

Get In (or maybe Get Out)

Delighted with this as I use single shot mode and delighted to capture this. (I haven't posted the multitude of fails.)

That's more like it.

Ooh err, nearly.


So pleased with this snap. 
I collected my Mum from the Shields ferry and hour later and was delighted they were still around for her to see. Coffee in Tynemouth and some shopping (for fish) at the quayside rounded off a fabulous morning.