Friday 1 December 2023

Another Month Over

(Hunting for Worms)

Lots of chores got in the way of birding last month so I'm pleased December is here.

A Fungal Foray


Usually show well at this time of year.


This apple tree should keep them busy for a few more weeks.

1st December

A good covering of snow.

A visit to Harton Cemetery was enjoyable but I'm afraid they have tidied up the vegetation too well this year and there weren't many birds about.


Monday 13 November 2023

Waiting for Debi


Debi is the latest storm. I guess it might be the last chance for a surprise visitor to the East Coast. Pallas' Warbler, Pine Grosbeak or a Wheatear?

A very tame bird still on the local boating lake.

Purple Sandpipers on the Pier. I guess they will be enjoying the lack of people disturbing them. The gates will be closed for some time until the lighthouse is repaired.

Twite in less than flattering light.


Looks like it is going to be a 'Waxwing Winter'. I managed to twitch these in Sunderland on a very slow 'birding' day. Even these birds didn't make it easy because after 5 minutes they flew to the top of some tall trees and started fly-catching. They weren't interested in the berries after that.

The Bird News services are reporting Waxwings and Short-eared Owls almost constantly making it hard to get a true picture of the birding scene. Well I will be ending my subscription soon and am contemplating leaving twitter. I also notice many people have stopped blogging. I think I'm falling behind with the new media stuff.

Yellow Brain Fungus

I think?


Friday 27 October 2023

Visible Migration

Black Redstart

Brent Goose



Grey Phalarope


Snow Bunting

Yellow-browed Warbler

A typical October selection. The annual influx of Thrushes, Robins, Coal Tits, Short-eared Owls, Goldcrests , Woodcock  and Treecreepers is well advanced now. A few scarce birds mixed in with them but the wet and windy weather makes finding them difficult.

Northern Treecreepers, Northern Bullfinches and Continental Coal Tits mixed in with our normal British Race birds. The only candidates I saw this year were a pair of Bullfinches. The female showing a typical saw-edged white wing bar on its upper edge. The pair immediately striking to look at and very chunky, however, I don't think I saw enough to claim them as definite 'northern' race.


Friday 13 October 2023



Grey Plover

Large White


Small Copper 

Well it is here. A warm week but now the weather is about right for early Autumn. There has been a mass arrival of Red Admiral Butterflies, Best year for Commas for me at least. The sudden cold snap might put an end to the butterfly season.

Typical arrivals of Redwing and Bramblings. Small flocks of Whoopers and a few tantalising reports of smaller birds. One of my highlights was the grounding of dozens of Goldcrests and Meadow Pipits. Great fun sifting through them as they fed but sadly nothing unusual.

6 Cranes headed south yesterday. I was in prime position but as always they decided to drift inland before reaching me, Boo Hoo.

Spotted Redshank


Monday 25 September 2023

Local Stuff


Good numbers of Auks close in to the shore still.


Red-Throated Diver

Numbers of these building along the North East coast.

Souter Lighthouse seems to attract hundreds of snails. No Song Thrushes around to enjoy the feast.


So far weather has not been too good along the East coast but hopefully in a couple of weeks we'll get a few Goldcrests and Redwing. Amazing numbers of American Birds however have been blown across the Atlantic by a series of storms. Not sure whether that is good to see though. I would think for every one seen in Britain a large numbers on the same path ditch into the sea. Then the ones which do make it will probably not make it back and so are doomed to an unproductive few years.


Monday 11 September 2023

Mo Bo

Mo Farah

Great North Run 10/09/2023

(Fourth Place)

Just checking to see if the 'chippy' is open!

A frustrating drive to Teesmouth was rewarded with some good views of the Brown Booby. It did a tour of the Buoys but never came really close while I was there.

After a good 3 hours watching I headed to Saltholme and managed to see the Buff-breasted Sandpiper.

Peres Jepchirchir

GNR Womens winner

2nd Place

Tamirat Tola

GNR Mens Winner