Monday, 19 June 2017

Part 1 ... some bigger stuff

Over the last week I visited a restricted area which as bursting with wildlife. I was pleased not to find anything rare because there would have been no access to anyone else. Secondly, after trudging across uneven land I came across a fabulous 'Dragon' pool. I was there for two hours all alone and as amazed at the number and variety of species. Finally I headed for Stobswood today and heard the unmistakeable call of Quail. Didn't see one but that did not matter in the least.


Mr Blue Bill

Oops another insect creeps in.Drinker Moth (caterpillar) probs.

Promising behaviour this week!

... bit of lunch

Saw this before and after photographing the plant 'Fox-and-cubs', how timely?

...more insects to identify ... aagh!

Part 2 mainly Insects

Latticed Heath

Broad Centurian
type of 'Soldier Fly'
(Chloromyia formosa)

Wasp Beetle
(Clytus arietus)

Oops how did that get in?

Rose Hip Fly
...type of Fruit Fly
(Rhagoletis basiola)

Nursery Web Spider
(Pisaura mirabilis)

(Dryophlorarus flavoquadrimaculatus)

Tree Bee
(Bombus hypnorum)

Fruit Fly
either (Chaetorellia jaceae)
or (Chaetostomella cylindrica)
I'm favouring first option!

(Psedargyrotoza conwagna)

Flight behaiour similar to Nemophora

Amazing what you can see when you try. Initially thought the black spot would make ID of this easy. On zooming in I noticed it's a dead aphid, probably parasitised and the black spot is a hole in its abdomen.

Yellow Shell
(Camptogramma bilineata)

(Narrow-bordered 5-spot probs)


Common Carpet

Part 3 Plants

What a month. So much to look at and enjoy. So much to puzzle the few remaining grey cells and so many people willing to help me on my learning process.

Please feel free to correct any mistakes (via twitter please).

Wood Avens
(Geum urbanum)

Biting Stonecrop
(Sedum acre)

Lady's Bedtraw
(Galium rheum)

Quaking Grass
(Briza media)

Hairy Tare
(Vicia hirsuta)
Two seeds per pod (Smooth has 4)

Wild Carrot
(Daucus carota carota)

Meadow Vetchling
easily confused (by me) with ...

Ribbed Melilot


Japanese Knotweed

Below a study of 
(Trogopogon pratensis)

(Blackstonia perfoliata)


Bee Orchid

Common Figwort
(Scrophularia auriculata)
Thanks to MPF for correct ID.

I managed to photograph and identify nearly 100 plants in the first three weeks of June (Aren't you glad I didn't post them all?).