Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Catching Up 3


I hard this bird whilst standing on Cresswell Pond causeway. I went back to the car park and out popped a fabulous Wood Warbler. Sadly the photos are a bit washed out and don't show the wonderful bright yellow throat.

Tere is a lot of variation in Stonechat colours but this is one of the darkest I've seen. Even black on the flanks and small white rump.

Flowering Rush?
(Botumus umbellatus)


Sadly I haven't had time to look up all the plants. Will try and catch up later.

Purple Loosestrife
(Lythrum salicaria)


Painted Lady on Knapweed

Monkey Flower
(Mimulus guttatus)

Peacock Butterfly

Forget-me-not Sp?

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