Friday, 19 August 2016

Another Monster Post

This is the quiet period for birding, so they say. Moorland birds are moving to the coast and my highlight was a very spotty Common Redstart. It lingered for several days but never showed well enough for me to catch it on camera. So you'll have to make do with this instead.

Meadow Vetchling
(Lathyrus pratensis)

As you know by now my attention has strayed to the world of plants. I have found that the more I look the less I know. So I'm showing you lots of plants and attempting to identify most of them.

(Serratula tinctoria)

These flowers are barely 3mm long, easily overlooked.
Hairy Tare
(Vicia Hirsuta)

Woody Nightshade
(Solanum dulcamara)

Grass Vetchling
(Lathyrus nissolia)
These have normally finished flowering by now but this one hasn't read the field guide.

The Bug (and I mean Bug) caused ID problems. The British Bug  guys and the Royal Entomological Society both came up with different answers, largely due to the fact that it is a nymph.This made me happy as I hadn't managed to track it down in my searches but was on the right track.

Take your pick:
Stenodema sp?
 Rhopalid bug, Myrmus miriformis

Not sure about this one ...
Round-leaved Cranesbill
(Geranium rotundifolium)

Again these flowers are tiny 5-8mm

(Blackstonia pefoliata)

Sea Plantain
(Plantago maritima)

Devil's Bit Scabious
(Sucissa pratensis)

Hedge Mustard
(Sisymbrium officinale)

Oh My Goodness!
A Bird!

Found a juvenile Curlew Sandpiper at Cresswell which over the course of two days turned into 4.

This is probably the rarest plant I've ever seen. Certain I wouldn't have found it without some expert help. Thanks C.

Long-stalked Orache
Atriplex longipes

Marsh Woundwort
(Stachys palustris)

(Polygonum aviculare)

(Artemisia vulgaris)

Another Whinchat and a few insects to follow. Tomorrow it is back to birding! Target Greenish Warbler; although I'll settle for Wryneck or Barred W.

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