Thursday, 11 August 2016


Miserable, drizzly morning so I thought I'd post more photos. Quite a mixture!

Field Pansy
(Viola arvensis)

Budge Fields (Snipe above, Ruff below)
Great selection of waders even though viewing is difficult. I wonder if the relocation is due to the returning Avocets at Cresswell?

Common Storksbill
(Erodium cicutarium ssp dunense)
Using BSBI maps it doesn't appear to be very commom.

Bush Vetch
(Vicia sepium)

These two I haven't yet cracked the ID.

Common Lizard/Viviparous Lizard
(Zootoca vivipara)

and its Poo

The encounter with the Lizard was one of those lucky moments. Setting up the tripod to watch the antics of the Avocets, I noticed it basking on the fence. It didn't move for quite some time. I then saw it wriggling and  was distracted by the alarm calls of the birds. When I looked back it had gone but it left a little reminder.

This morning in the drizzle I saw this from Snab. A distant shot (not waning to get closer and risk spoiling its breakfast). The Turnstone was keen to have a share of the Octopus as well.

The grey drizzly start meant photos were tricky unless the birds sat still, like this Meadow Pipit.

When it moved 1/25th second shutter speed was not fast enough. Oh well I'll just have to sell it to some fancy art studio.

That's better, thank you.

Couldn't resist a celeb shot of Brian (Magic Roundabout) ... Google it if you're young!

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