Sunday, 19 June 2016

New Starts

Thank you to NWT for clearing the areas in front of the Druridge Hides.

Lots of activity from Mr and Mrs.I wonder how may mouths they have to feed?

Suffered a little this week. Lots of Pine and Grass pollen, fortunately some of it was washed out of the air by the showers.

This must have been a very early nestling. The Druridge birds are still on eggs.

Magpie Moth caterpillar

Pleased with this grab shot!

Lots of activity in the reeds, again down to the demanding youngsters. The best sight of the day was a Great Crested Grebe chick swallowing a 20cm+ Eel (it took a few attempts).

Bleached or Worn butterflies can be problematic. I think this may be a Bleached G-v White.

Robin and Whitetroat youngsters quite common today.

Greater? Stitchwort

Wood Speedwell?

In addition a nesting Ringed Plover, Little Tern, Roseate Tern Little Owl and Barn Owl made the last few days very enjoyable.

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