Monday, 22 December 2014

Little Changes

Well back more than a week now and still photographing Stonechats.

The initial weather shock is over and today it was positively balmy. Just a few 'April' showers and some nice rainbows. One Stoat had a similar reaction to the cold snap and ended up with a tri-coloured tail (black tip white middle and brown base).

Raptors are the highlight presently with Hen Harrier (even visible from the front room), Peregrines, Buzzards, Kestrels and Sparrowhawk.

Not much action on the bird feeders?

Finally a whinge.
Twitter can be really good, and there are some witty people out there. However many will tick the favourites box (and I've done it myself) for no logical reason. Also people are a bit like sheep praising good causes without taking time to eplore the arguments. When it comes to promoting wildlife 'causes' the example below has to be the worst. Self-promoting, retweeting, favouriting etc have led to the book below getting rich praise from a host of people and press.

I bought the book, read the book and was utterly amazed at how bad it was.
Please if you are going to 'favouite' a book read it first.
I haven'y read a single negative review so maybe it is just my lone opinion but it has to the worst book I've read in many years.

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