Friday, 12 December 2014

Gambia (Day 6) 8th December 2014

Day 6

Brufut Forest and Sifoe School

Splendid Sunbird

Beautiful Sunbird

Little Bee-eater

Cardinal Woodpecker

Lanner Falcon

Splendid Sunbird (cf last one)

Long-tailed Nightjar

Brufut Forest in the morning and on to Sifoe School. The meeting at school didn’t quite go to plan as the people we sent shopping arrived a couple of hours after we left. This school has benefitted from the regular fund-raising of Caroline and Steve Taylor. They have arranged a food programme to ensure the children get a meal each day. Children queue politely and take a plate of rice and share it between six whilst sitting on the floor. The turnover is rapid and followed by a queue at the water pump to wash and drink.

In addition their contributions have included vast amounts of stationery and in the last few years contributions from Carol Morgan (who sadly lost her battle with cancer recently) who encouraged the development of the school vegetable garden. Money raised has also contributed to sports equipment; volleyballs and net, footballs and sports strips.

Two classes we visited stood as we entered and encouraged by their teachers, sang to us and thanked us for the visit. There are many lessons for our children back here in the UK. The one I wish they could learn is that they should be so grateful for the opportunities they have and should make the most of them.

Vegetable Garden

Ebola information for pupils (no cases in Gambia to date)

Each plate of food is shared between six. There are no squabbles and pupils are really well organised. The Headteacher asked if we could help buy some more plates to speed up the process at lunctime.

School Kitchen

Calmly Queuing for Lunch

The Dining Room

Red-billed Hornbill

Red-billed Quelia

Black Flycatcher

Green Pigeon

Bearded Barbet .. sooo cute ?

Vieillot's Barbet


Sulfur-breasted Bush Shrike

Pied-winged Swallow

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