Friday, 12 December 2014

Gambia (Day 3) 5th December

Speckled Pigeons

Day 3

This was my first trip inland. This trip is a must if you are doing a 10+ day trip. (Egyptian Plover, Goliath Heron, Finfoot etc are possibilities, especially if you do the boat trip.

Grey Hornbill

The roads to Tendaba Camp are very good. Until recently it was a long and bumpy ride. We took our time birding along the way.

Mendina Bar Rice Fields, Farasuto, Kampant, Kanlagi and Bateling Track.

African Wood Owl

Greyish Eagle Owl

These Owls were at their roosts and with a quiet approach were easy to see (if not photograph). The Wood Owl was a little flighty so we didn't linger too long.

Blue-bellied Roller

Lizard Buzzard
One of the most common raptors of the trip which led to frequent calls to the driver to stop only for Tijan to call out Lizard 'Boozard' ... go man go!

Our Driver Aloo (or Alex) was brilliant,a very careful driver! 

Not another ...

Senegal Thick-Knee

Abyssinian Ground Hornbill


When you arrive at Tendaba Camp be realistic about your expectations. Remember the villagers: queuing for water, selling bags of charcoal and piling onto mini-buses, so when you enter your VIP room and there is no electricity or hot water you are not surprised.  Actually the electricity comes on for long enough for the AC to cool the rooms. The lack of hot water in this climate is no big deal.
The biggest disappointment was that the beer was warm on the first night .. boo hoo

Senegal Batis

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