Friday, 12 December 2014

Gambia (Day 7) 8thDecember 2014

Villagers meeting early morning to collect their water.

Splendid Sunbird

Green Wood Hoopoe

News that the Abuko Nature Reserve now had Eagles, caged and tethered with string on display in an attempt to make more money helped us to make a simple decision and boycott this planned visit. This is a terrific reserve but a visit can’t be justified if they are causing harm and suffering to wild birds. (I am currently trying to contact people in Gambia to learn more and seek support for changes.)

Further investigation is needed as it appears there may be some conservation value to the work being done.

White-crested Helmet Shrike

Swallowtail sp?

Senegal Parrot
(Tame bird imprinted on the owner of Marakissa)

Black-headed Babbler


Blue-breasted Kingfisher

So on to Penjem, Sifoe wetland and back to Penjem

Penjem is a good site for Hyliota and White-breasted Cuckoo Shrike. ST and myself managed to see the former, none of us the latter. A return visit in the afternoon failed to find either. This was also the hottest day of the trip (always 30oC but probably 35oC today) and by the end of the day we were flagging.

Northern Red Bishop


Red-necked Falcon

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