Thursday, 30 April 2020

Getting Better

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and regular texts. I have felt uplifted by the support. Two weeks ago I could barely walk and if I  could, I only managed short walks in the Village. Fortunately I have a busy feeding station and some of the common local summer visitors have been enough to raise my spirits.

Today following careful planning I was able to complete a six mile walk from home, via Chevington and back. This shows how much improvement I have made. I still have a very swollen abdomen but I'm pain free.

Numerous Sedge Warblers on view. Great to see the Harriers and a few glimpses of Reed Warblers. On returning to Druridge I saw several Swifts.

Did not think this was still around so you can imagine my delight at catching up with it. At one stage it was out of sight but calling repetitively. This fine bird was found by AshingtonGary last Saturday. A great reward for all those long cycle journeys in all weathers.

This Ruddy Shelduck has been in the area for more than a month now.

One of the many released Red-legged Partridge.

To fill some time I have decided to try and ID Hoverflies. Armed with a new field guide I shall be posting more photos (but wont guarantee my ID is always correct).

This one is;
Eristalsis intricaria

(and to be smug, a female)


  1. Was about to tell you about the ruddy shelduck, but you're ahead of me!! Love the hoopoe, hope it's still there in August (if we get over).

  2. Thanks Derek. Had another good day today.