Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Yesterday I managed my first long walk since being in Hospital. 4 Miles and by the time I got home I was very tired. Compare with two weeks ago when I averaged 7 miles daily and with energy to spare. Still, small steps, I do seem to be slowly improving.

My views on bird ringing are pretty well known so I will not whinge here.

In fact this is one of the more useful projects and has yielded many results.

This bird C:02

Ringed 28/06/2015 Coquet Island
Winter 2017 a regular at a Landfill site, Madrid
30/09/2018 nr Coquet Is
28/10/2018 Landfill site, Madrid
20/05/2019 Hauxley
Summer 2019 Coquet Is
28/04/2020 Druridge Pools

Initially I thought this egg was from a goose. However I was corrected on twitter as it is not large enough. It is a big egg but not sure of the source.

Interesting to see the plumage colours under different lighting. All photos take within 5 minutes, but angle of sun and reflection showing quite a range of grey shades.

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