Sunday, 18 December 2016

WeBS and more..

Well I returned to doing the WeBS core counts for a few local ponds this weekend. In the near future I'll look back on some data and might produce a nice graph or two.

Good movement of large gulls over the past week. Over 400 on the beach at Chev one morning and managed to find an Iceland Gull. I think it is a 3W (3rd Winter) but I'm happy for someone more expert in these matters to correct me.

Long-tailed Ducks at Druridge and Bothal.

Stag's Horn Fungus (Candle Snuff Fungus)
(Xylaria hupoxylon)
Fairly common

Foggy morning in Rothbury last week.

Shorelarks are becoming 'afternoon birds' at Chev. But I had the brilliant luck to watch 20 (yes TWENTY) fly over me heading South this week near my home.

Lots of other interesting birds about; 30+ Meadow Pipits on Thursday, Hen Harrier, Velvet Scoter (Cambois) and Grey Wagtail (Burnmouth Chev).

20 Twite on the beach make up for the missing Shorelarks.

Finally as ATh was telling me about 2 Waxwings flying South from the Coal Road when another two flew past us a Chev. Later I had a flock of 12 at Stobswood.

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