Monday, 26 December 2016

Bling ... and more (+ update)

White-winged Blackbird

White-throated Blackbird


Well, corking morning on the beach. Before I had finished putting down the seed two Sanderling flew in calling and started eating it! HG had previously seen them feeding on crushed 'fat balls' so maybe they have turned fully vegetarian now?

Then the two Carrion Crows which were waiting nearby joined in and ...

According to BWP vol III plant material is eaten by Sanderling specially when there is a shortage of invertebrates. Seeds have been found in a number of dissected Sanderling stomachs. (Puccinellia sp and Najas marina are examples.) So maybe be not surprising they are waiting for me to throw out seed on a morning.

... finally the Shorelarks

Thirsty work eating all that dry seed.

Despite a very close flyby in good light my togger skills weren't up to it.

Then this!
Four rings, one flag and a radio tag? 

Finally got news of this project and it is a local one. Thanks to TC for the information. I will post more information soon. This bird travelled less than 2 miles (I was hoping it would have a more interesting history!)

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