Sunday, 4 December 2016


The Starlings put on a good display this week.

THV Patricia carrying out survey wok in the bay.

Ha Ha Ha!

I'm not one for sitting in hides for hours on end, but sometimes it's hard to tear yourself away.

Water Rail, Kingfisher, Little Grebe, Moorhen, Wren and Stoat all made visits during my long stay. In addition a Hen Harrier sat on a post for over two hours.

Typically the light was poor and the birds distant but at least the snaps give a flavour of my morning.

Another reason for staying was the glimpse of a Bittern walking in to the middle patch of reeds.

Can you see it?

OK, heavily cropped version of the same photo.

I think both the Harrier and Bittern had, had a big breakfast and were simply resting to allow a bit of digestion.

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