Thursday, 8 December 2016

Black and Red

Sun through fog. (Is that a sun spot?) 

Two Redheads (Smew and Goosander), always distant (Thanks to the splashing dog in the lake.) and in dull light

Enjoying the delights of NT properties during the quiet season.

No bird pictures, too dark in woodland. However a great variety seen; including several vocal flocks of Nuthatches.

(Might be Lunularia cruciata but didn't see any gemmae.)

Plenty of Fruit and lots of Thrushes feeding on them.

Couple more Black Redstarts to add to the Newcastle and Cullercoats birds. These were closer to home.

Again dull light and drizzle made getting pictures tricky.

Delighted to capture the 'Orange-headed Thrush' in the background.

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