Friday, 22 May 2015

Woodland Magic

A trip inland to a site near Greenhaugh turned into quite a magical morning.

Firstly this fox entertained me, catching prey in the grass verge. The fox was not bothered by my presence and even ignored me when I got out of the car to take some photos.

It is hard to believe that people would rather chase these beautiful animals with hounds rather than watch their hunting ability. I bet some of the hunters marvel at the Arctic Fox on TV but don't realise they have such a beautiful animal on their doorstep.

On to Sid Wood (as recommended by AC)

The amazing Lichens indicating a largely pollution free environment.

My target bird for the day was Wood Warbler ... easy.

They might not be so easy soon as the tree canopies block the light and provide maximum cover.

Polytricum commune
This moss forms a mini forest on the ground.

This photo looks so much better on my phone. Here the yellows look a bit washed out. I must have taken 30-40 photos and only three were in focus ...but that will do for me.

The area of coniferous trees adjacent to the beech/birch woodland held Siskin and Crossbill. The Crossbills were feeding in the birch tree (eating buds I think). Crossbill will be easy to view as they will no doubt use the puddles for drinking, so a careful approach along the road is needed. The Siskin was either picking up seeds or gravel from the road (or maybe both).

After Lunch back on the coast BB managed to spot two small waders land in front of the Budge Screen. Turned out they were Temminck's Stints. Still too distant for a decent photo.

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