Thursday, 14 May 2015

Out and About

Fabulous ...

On the last post I mentioned how uncooperative these birds can be. Ha ... eat my hat, a pair of duelling males took not notice of me and the camera. I was delighted :-)   .

First Lapwing chick of the year. Sadly the Druridge crows are on the look out for these young birds.

Despite the poor early light the camera coped well with these shots I thought.

Finally a trip inland was well rewarded. I think flycatchers are my favourite birds. So to see two species nearby was amazing. The Spotted version kept in the canopy and no photos were possible. It may have been a new arrival as they are one of the last to arrive. The Pieds seemed well settled and at least two territories were noticed with other birds heard ... good news. The more settled birds allowed these photos. The last one has a soft focus affect was caused by the leaf in front of it which I couldn't avoid.

Finally it's hard to resist photographing  Swallows, caught the light right here.

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