Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunny Sunday

A gorgeous start to the day. This egret gave great close-up views and found no trouble catching small fish.

Compared with yesterday's weather, today allowed some more attempts with the new camera.

If you think Grasshopper Warblers are difficult to see... you're wrong. Get up early, and listen for their reeling call ... bingo!

Having walked the southern loop (Chev) I headed away but was quickly heading back, a Cuckoo called! Quickly spotted I was hoping for some photos but it always remained distant. One of my all time ambitions is to get good photos of Cuckoo and especially one with a Reed Warbler feeding a young bird. I'll keep lookin and trying ;-)  .

Distracted by this SedgeWarbler.

It never came close ... thanks Mr Kestrel. Soon 4 proper photographers with humongous lenses arrived so I beat a hasty retreat.

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