Friday, 24 April 2015

New Toy

Just bought a new camera (Nikon p900) So I was dying to get out there and take some snaps. Especially after waking at 2am to find the downstairs loo had been leaking. So I headed to Chev to find it fog bound.
AC and I located Whitethroat and Lesser Whitethroat before I attempted some snaps.

The linnet is pleasing because the light was poor, early morning and still thick fog.

When the sun finally broke out I managed some more pictures and I'm pleased with the results.

Camera Shy Stonechat

Grasshopper Warblers are generally more approachable early morning.


My main reason for the purchase was to take flight shots and I still haven't mastered the setting for this. Having used the camera I probably wouldn't say it quite lives up to the hype but it's a handy holiday camera and will get those important record shots of rarities.

My day continued to improve with Hooded Crow and Yellow Wagtails at Bell's; followed by Wood Sandpiper, Avocet and  Water Rail at Chev.

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