Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sky Dancing

Mr And Mrs

The harriers have been putting on an exceptional display this year. When they first arrived NWT made a big fuss, protection, temporary wardens, banners, viewing days. What now? Nothing. Why the change of mind?

The Avocets returned in numbers as soon as the water level was dropped by NCC. Brilliant. 4, then 7, then 11 and today 14.


Barn Owls are still drawing a crowd of photographers to Cresswell, this bird was at Chevington and others are being seen frequently in the bay. IR warned on his blog that we also have youths who visit the bay with air rifles. Please report any sightings to the police via 101. Owls and Harriers will be easy targets.

Great Crested Grebes and Little Grebes are thriving at Chevington this year.

Finally, the migrants are filtering through.

13 Sand Martins 3rd April Chev (followig small numbers in March)
1 Swallow 5th April Chev
1 Wheatear 7th April Cresswell
1 Wheatear 7th April Chev
1 Sandwich Tern 7th April Chev
1 Swallow 7th April Druridge

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