Friday, 31 October 2014

Where are the Thrushes?

Post holding telephone cables Druridge. (Tree without branches as far as this Woodpecker is concerned.)

The light quality recently has been poor, as a result lots of grainy photographs.

This was a surprise find flying over the reedbed and into he trees.

Thoughts of American Wigeon as I scanned and found this green-headed bird. However a quick glance showed it had a lot of Malard characteristics. (Wigeon x Mallard hybrid)

The birding has been hard this week but I've still managed some good common finds: Woodcock, Twite, Short-eared Owl, Bearded Tit.

This year I haven't found anything really extraordinary and yet I've had more time to look. I think it goes to show that finding unusual birds is 99% luck. Right place, right time!

Even today as I walked round the last cove at Newbiggin, a bird with a white rump flew away from me. October 31st it had to be good. Surely not my fourth? I carefully made my way around the point and there it was ... 'Bog-Standard' Wheatear. A late bird and good to see ;-)

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