Tuesday, 21 October 2014

OBP ... From Russia with Love

No excuse needed. Ha!

Dental Appointment in South Shields and shopping trip with Mum, were the perfect excuses to drive via Roker,  Sunderland to view this little bird.

Olive-backed Pipit (because of its olive back)
Indian Tree Pipit (because it winters in India and flies from the forest floor into trees to escape predators).

I’ve seen hundreds before but never in Britain, so it was intriguing to see it. Rummaging among the leaf litter (sadly in the shade and hence the rather poor photos) behind a petrol garage in Sunderland. Probably a bird from NE Russia, heading South for India and blown by the Easterly winds (last week) and deposited in Britain. Amazing how these birds are ever found/seen.

The present gales from ex-hurricane Gonzalo are bringing Westerlies. Will they deposit some stray from America. Let’s hope so! The most likely places will be on the West coast. However some birds (waders) may make it to the East. My prediction … Kildeer in Northumberland. (Probably in a field near Branton) ;-)

At times it remined me of LouisianaWaterthrush (without the bobbing motion).

The day ended with a mixture of birds to confuse the seasons. Long-tailed Duck, Displaying Eider, Arctic Tern and House Martin. 

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