Monday, 6 October 2014

Wet Breaks?

Well today is ideal for a blog update. Two aborted attempts to get some fresh air and a lingering dose of' 'man flu' mean I'm inside and catching up with some TV viewing.

Why the flowers? Well this is what happens when the migration madness starts. Yesterday a small bird flew into this tiny patch of flowers n the rocky shore at Snab, Cresswell. I waited for it to emerge. It didn't. Closer inspection still nothing came out (thoughts of bluethroat, rubythroat pg tips). I reached down to part the flowers and out popped a Robin. I guess it must have been hunting spiders.

This morning I hoped to beat the rain to Newbiggin ... no chance. A very brief walk around the headland and back to the house for a mug of Bovril.

Plan B .. a walk in the park. DBCP was sheltered and allowed a bit of a leg stretch. The howling wind meant bird calls were impossible to hear apart from the high pitched Goldcrest's call. The feeding station held a few birds but really it was a hopeless exercise. The positive from these high winds will be that if birds do appear later in the week the lack of leaf cover will make them easier to find.  

Wet Breaks refers to those awful times at school when the pupils are stuck inside at lunchtime with no opportunity to burn off some energy ready for the afternoon slog. Today will be one of those days .. poor teachers ;-) 

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