Thursday, 2 October 2014

This Week's Wanderings

Monday was a shock to the system. I went into Newcastle City Centre (shopping) for the first time in more than 15 years. Decided to take the bus, probably cheaper and easier than parking.

Tuesday I walked from Chevington to Hauxley. I kept a mental note and recorded a total of 72 species, then a few others elsewhere during the day. Nothing out of the ordinary although news of a Turtle Dove at Druridge proved impossible to find (even checked this morning).

Wednesday I visited a few local sites. There was still a Wheatear at Hauxley but no sign of yesterday’s Merlin. East Chevington is still teeming with wildfowl and a Juvenile Marsh Harrier was upsetting the birds on the South Pool.

Today the birding was brilliant. So much to marvel at but my favourite moment was when a wren was too close to photograph (got a few snaps in the end) as it fed in the vegetation around my feet, searching out spiders and reappearing a few feet away.

Look closely and you can see what they're all eating ... mmm protein.

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