Sunday, 26 October 2014

Glass Half-Full

8 Whooper Swans on Saturday, replaced by 10 on Sunday. (The first flock had a family party with 2Ads 3Juvs) the 10 on Sunday appeared to be all Ads, however close inspection revealed the bird below. According to the Collins Field Guide; Icelandic 1st winter birds acquire a whiter look more rapidly than birds from Fenno-Scandia or Russia.

Saturday's family party.

This Long-tailed Duck has taken up residence on the small pool at Hauxley (Ponteland Hide).

It's all about the bill, bout the bill, bout the bill ...
no dabble.

(apt considerng the bill)

Tufted Duck


The ducks are finishing their moult,are easier to identify and are more pleasing to look at! So get looking! Every chance of Ring-necked, American Wigeon, Black Duck and American Coot over the next couple of months.

My previous prediction of Kildeer wasn't bad (Norfolk not Northumberland). Also as expected the other American Beauties turned up on the West Coast. The Willet on the Azores could easily make it to Britain (or N France on the current wind system).

Finally if you go to Chevington make sure you scan the Western shore of the South pool. The muddy edge is attracting waders (8 Black-tailed Godwit, 20 Redshank, 6 Snipe) and looks perfect for a Crake.

(... and another thing Otter at Druridge ... there really isn't much happening this time of year is there?)

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