Sunday, 3 August 2014

Weekend Waders

Black-tailed Godwit


Weekends are strange during the six week summer holiday. Too many people out and about, so early morning trips to local sites are my favourite. Walking slowly along the causeway at Cresswell and the smaller waders feed unconcerned. 

Druridge north pool also has early morning birds close to the shore with little concern about people moving around. Fast forward to 11am and the birds seem tired of the human traffic and stay their distance.

The Marsh Harriers at Chevington are now roaming widely but early morning is still the best to catch them leaving the roost. The exact timing can't be predicted because temperature, wet vegetation and probably hunger all play a part. This morning the adult female, adult male (still moulting flight feathers) and two young birds put on a great show before spreading out (and flushing, temporarily,the stilt sandpiper at Druridge).

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