Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Caspian Gull

Caspian Gull (above) Larus cachinnans
Herring Gull (elow) Larus argentatus

Caspian Gull (below)

Long slender bill (not when it is pointing towards or away from you)
Dark iris through the telescope this was obvious early morning.
Not a good comparison having a sub-adult Herring gull, should have chosen an adult bird
Caspian G apears to have some primaries not fully grown must try and get some more photos a week later if it hangs around.
Wing projection not that different from HG in picture but appears long winged when stretching wings in lower photo.
Long legs; seen easily when near a Herrin Gull.
Congratulations to the experts who identfy these birds .. would have passed me by! ;-)

Yellow ring PKCS made it vey easy to pick out and allow time to make comparisons.


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