Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mixed Bag

Howick Hall Gardens

Branton Gravel Pits


Spotted Flycatcher

South Tyneside ;-)

Well a busy few days; trips out, entertaining, cooking, jam-making and still managing a bit of phone photography.

'Strawberry and Blackberry' Jam made.
'Blackcurrant and Apple' Jam made.
The remaining Blackberries will be made into Blackberry Chutney tomorrow.
ST brought me some Salmon and Beetroot. The Salmon was delicious with dill and lemon sauce, the beetroot was boiled and pickled .. aaah .. 'The Good.e. Life'.

South Tyneside have a super project where all the roundabouts and spare grass areas have been seeded with wildfowers. Look terrific and must be good for the Bees. NWT and NCC take note.

Finished Bradley Wiggins' book, great read. I read Lance Armstrong' book and had similar feelngs only to be disappinted by later revelations. This time I'm confident I've read about an athlete in it for the Sport and clean. 

Well tomorrow hunting for Dinosaurs with my Great Nieces and Great Nephew, how old am I? Well I bet they think I had a Pterodactyl as a pet?

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