Thursday, 28 August 2014

Nearly ...

The village Hirundines are almost ready to set off for Africa. I'll wait until December for my trip.

The Oddie hide is one place (the only one) here you can get close to the birds. IR recommended this to the Dutch visitor (as I had ... but try spotting the entrance ...).

This rubbish photo was the only migrant at Druridge Pools this morning although there were some others which failed o show well enough to be identified positively.

A trip to Amble revealed another yellow ringed gull. So Caspian watchers beware. If the ring is on the left leg and it has a pale iris .. it's a Herring Gull.

Finally 'bird of the day'. Newbiggin, Ash Lagoon Banks (don't birders just love the daftest environments). A Pied Flycatcher, one of my favourites, along with a host of other elusive migrants. The most intriguing of which was a long-tailed Hippolais warbler with few obvious features other than a long bill and dull grey/green uniform plumage.

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