Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sanderling News

Same bird above and below!

It is not often that you get the chance to see the transformation from Summer to Winter plumage in the same bird, but here you can.
The bird above was ringed 22/05/2016 near Reykjavik (Iceland).
Photographed (Top) Chevington 09/08/2016
Photographed (Bottom) Newbiggin 04/01/2017

This bird (above and below) was ringed at Griend (Netherlands) 06/08/2016. It was observed many times in this area until 27/09/2016. The next observation was (photographs) 25/01/2017 at Newbggin.

The last bird (above) was ringed near Reykjavik (Iceland) 17/05/2016. The next observation was at Whitburn (by RA) 11/11/2016 and then photographed by me at Newbiggin 25/01/2017.

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