Friday, 13 January 2017


Druridge Bay Country Park

This well managed area provides shelter from the wind, a decent road and free parking. At times I find it a good alternative for parking when visiting Chevington as you don't have the pothole problems.

This used to be the classic place to see all three 'sawbills' but now it seems only the Red-breasted Merganser is a regular winter visitor.

The wooded areas offer plenty of diversity and a slow walk around Ladyburn lake can produce a good day list. Be warned it is a popular place for activities such as running events, dog shows and water sports. So Winter days are often the best.

The Moss and Lichen identifications are not necessarily correct but are my best guesstimates from my limited books.Haven't had time to check them on the internet. Contact me on Twitter if you know more.

Evernia prunastri
Mousse de Chene (French) Oak Moss

Cladonia coniocraea

Eurynchium praelongum (Top centre)
Scapania nemorea ((Bottom right)

Xanthoria Sp?

Opegrapha atra



Ringed as 3rd  calendar year + in  April 2013 near Oslo, this bird has been reported every winter since at DBCP. My latest sighting 10/01/2017

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