Tuesday, 31 January 2017

...and now for something completely different?

I decided on a trip to Saltholme. The RSPB reserve is well managed but Winter is not the best time to visit. Two of the main hides face South and the wildfowl tend to be distant. Nonetheless it was good to see a Hare and a couple of Little Egrets. (The vegetable soup was not bad too.)

The Butterfly Garden was full of Knitted animals and is a great attraction for young kids I'm sure. 

The reserve was very quite, people wise, and none of the over eager volunteers pointing out the obvious.

One that escaped the shooters around the Chevington reserve.

On a recent walk from Boulmer to Howick Dene I came across a large patch of these. I believe they are;
Opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage.
(Chrysosplenium oppositfolium)

They should look brilliant when they flower.

Quite a few Song Thrushes about. I have been looking closely to see if I could identify any of the races. Hebridean used to be  reported quite frequently in the past?

'Sunshine' at Hulne Park

Amble Eider (drake)

Colour-ringed Twite amongst a growing flock. (A Derbysire ringed bird I think)

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