Thursday, 27 October 2016

Tricky Birds

Thank Goodness!

Soon be free of migration madness and I'll save on my petrol bill. It has been a long time since I visited Holy Island so many times in one Autumn.

Huge Starling roost at the Lough, here a small number departing past the Castle.

Fieldfare in the early morning gloom.

Long-tailed Duck, Lough.


Now this was a different matter.
Plain Rump

Head pattern reminiscent of Whinchat.

Pale rump and I would have thought 'Siberian'

Several claims of 'Easern' Stejneger's made us look very closely at this one. (Us= AP finder, AR, JS and DE)

Who knows?

Great White Egret (Nice find by GW at Druridge on Sunday)

Today MN's Swift was still present. The light was terrible but it always looked dark. My camera isn't up to flight shots, especially of a very fast small bird.

Wings look really pointy = Common
Tail deeply notched = Common

However, as I type this AG is looking at his images and will no doubt be able to be more confident about his identification.

Interestingly I saw two Swallows in Amble yesterday and a House Martin was flying nearby this Swift today.

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