Thursday, 20 October 2016

£4:40 Well Spent

My first proper twitch in ages! I even parked in the car park and paid my £4:40 ticket from 'Rip Off NCC inc.'.  First views distant in poor light, second view 10m range but brief ... THEN stonking views down to 3m no need for cropping the photos!

X marks the spot where it disappeared in very little cover but it obligingly returned to feed on rocks near the sandy path.

Having had a brilliant time I decided to pass on the Firecrest at the Snook and head home ahead of the high tide. Driving off the Island I noticed SR heading back on to the island. I pulled in to check phone messages and with the help of JD and AC I headed back to the Snook to get good flight views and a very distant through the branches photo. Well worth the u-turn.

Whilst watching the Isabelline Shrike an interesting conversation was taking place between HG and others about a funny Wheatear. Sadly the tide was rising so I headed home.

Tuesday evening and photos appeared on Twitter showing Isabelline Wheatear! I hedged my bets and waited until today (Thursday) before returning. I was in luck. After an anxious wait, it duly appeared and gave very good views. 

It is a very bright bird but the tail pattern is spot on. Several photos by other birders show the tail, underwing and allula are perfect. I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to call it, but well done to those with keener eyes on a great find. (Also to Peter Monroe (spelling?) for finding and reporting the Accentor, which I must remember is pronounced Aksentor.)

Oh and the Firecrest had lingered and allowed one quick snap today.

The supporting cast over the last week haven't been too shabby either.

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